“I considered a career in construction because as I was younger my dad used to teach me a little about roofing as he is a roofer”

If you’re looking to undertake an apprenticeship we know it can be daunting to take that first step. Reading about current apprentices experience can make taking that first step easier. You can read about Cameron’s story below, a young apprentice that took on an apprenticeship with SPV. There can be many reason why someone chooses to undertake an apprenticeship. Cameron chose an apprenticeship after finding an interest in roofing from his Dad when he was younger.

“I considered a career in construction because as I was younger my dad used to teach me a little about roofing as he is a roofer. My Dad guided me down the path of going into roofing as he has done roofing for many years and has to helped me understand a lot of things that are helpful. The things I like doing my apprenticeship Is that I get to travel the country and learn loads of different things. Make me a better roofer. I get to see loads of different roof systems and one day I will be able to install them.

In 5 years I see myself as a fully qualified roofer which will be able to install all systems to do with Waterproofing and hopefully in 5 years I see myself with my own van and gang to carry on doing what we do best. On my apprenticeship I have learnt how to install a 2-layer system and I have also learnt how to install a recovery board System. Teamwork is also key factor I have learnt because we all need to work off each other and do what needs to be done. The best thing about roofing is that your always on different roofs after you have finished the job which means you get to see different scenery and see all over the country.”

We work with Training Providers across the Black Country to support apprentices and employers take that step onto the apprenticeship ladder. Cameron worked with Juniper Training. The role of your training provider is to support you throughout your apprenticeship and provide training that helps you gain a qualification whilst working. “Juniper Training have provided me with as much help and support as I have needed throughout my programme. I was also given employability training and upskilling in Maths and English.”

Apprentices are a valuable part of the companies they work for. Employers who invest in apprenticeships know how valuable they are to their company. “As roofing contractors, SPV are aware of the current skills shortage in the difficulties in attracting new entrants to our industry. SPV have recently created a new Training Hub to look to assist with this and encourage more young people to consider a career in construction. Everyone in the industry knows that roofing offers a fantastic long-term career. It is well paid, it offers excellent career progression opportunities for those who are keen and competent, allows for the ability to move between other trades, it offers an opportunity to travel the country as well as many other perks.”

Currently the construction industry is undergoing massive growth. “The CIOB has quoted that the construction Industry needs 157,000 new recruits by 2021 to keep up with demand but currently the rate of recruitment into the sector is far lower than the retirement rate within the sector. With the industry now experiencing rates of growth, particularly in housebuilding, this is putting further strain on an industry which has already been facing skills shortages. Attracting and developing young blood is key to the long-term success of roofing companies. Apprentices bring enthusiasm, energy and fresh ideas to a business to help contribute to its development and success.”

SPV has said they “would recommend Apprentices, they bring new skills, a fresh pair of eyes, they embrace technology and new ways of working and are extremely valued at SPV. Furthermore, our more experienced workers find it incredibly rewarding and satisfying teaching the apprentices on site and passing down their skills and knowledge.”

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