National Apprentice Week Press Release – Recruits & Reskillers

It’s that time again, TDM is proud to be involved with the National Apprenticeship Week 2021 ‘Build the Future’ campaign. We want to use this opportunity to promote the value of apprenticeships, the commitment required to complete an apprenticeship, the long term change and success an apprenticeship can generate and the progression routes you can exploit to further your career.

Derrin Kent, TDM’s MD & Director of Studies says: “You don’t become a professional via a cost-free short course. Instead, you need to make a serious, long-term commitment to a self-development journey with employer mentoring and expert coaching from a high quality training provider.”

“That is why The Development Manager (TDM) is so proud to deliver the Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme as a precursor to career entry Level 3/4 apprenticeships. These can then progress onto a degree apprenticeship with a BSc (Hons) qualification attached.”

“If you want to build your future in this way within a 5 year timescale, the seriously hard work starts by applying here!”

No matter your current position, there are retraining apprenticeship routes available to you. It doesn’t matter if you are unemployed, part time employed, wanting to change sectors, want to develop an interest into a career, want to reskill if you are at risk, want to formalise and develop where you are now, or you want to progress to the next level in your job – retraining and apprenticeship routes are there.

If you are currently looking to kickstart your Tech & Digital career, it’s important to know that there are opportunities there for you and TDM will support you to win your apprenticeship opportunity through our Get Ahead in Digital Transformation Programme and our Apprenticeship Seeker Programme. Both completely fully funded ways to help you grow and formalise Tech & Digital interests into career defining apprenticeships via expert coaching and mentoring.

An apprenticeship is categorically not an easy option. An apprenticeship requires wholehearted commitment, hard work, dedication and a laser focussed drive to succeed in your career. With a TDM Apprenticeship you will be employed by a company who are investing their time into developing you as a colleague for the long term. You will get to work alongside experienced staff who will help you to develop job-specific skills. So, as an apprentice, you will be gaining new skills and valuable on-the-job experience – whilst earning a salary as you study and work.

TDM are unique in offering both Pre-Apprenticeship Retraining and Degree Apprenticeship programmes in addition to our Career Entry Apprenticeship programmes. You can progress onto the next stage of your career, move up a ladder and define your own career path. TDM offers many different ways to explore this whilst also offering two Degree Level Apprenticeships

The Tech & Digital sector is an exciting, fast-evolving and extremely relevant area to be in. The industry is only going to develop more with the arrival of Industry 4.0 and with every organisation having to go through their own version of Digital Transformation on some level, no matter how small. Digital Transformation will also mean a transformation in the skills of the workforce, where certain skills and job roles will decline as new emergent tech & digital roles appear to replace them.

If you are looking to move into an apprenticeship to launch your tech & digital career and are considering a longer-term solution to the next stage of your career, then request a call to discuss your options today.

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