Talent Bonds – £300 Grants for Young People

There is now funding to offer young people (16-25) a grant of up to £300.00 for something that harnesses their talent/s and that will help their personal and/or professional development. The young person does not need to pay this back and it is totally free of charge! Past examples of talent bonds that we have awarded have been a sewing machine, for a young lady who wanted to get involved in the fashion industry, iPads and laptops to help young people with their studies and a guitar to help a young person develop their musical interest.

It could be for a suit for interviews, a football kit, but these are not limited to physical items; it could be used to help pay for driving lessons, or a provisional driving license! Other people have used this money to pay for books for studies, courses to support their further education. The cost does not have a minimum and so you do not need to make it up to £300.00, however, the maximum is £300.00 per young person. As long as the young person can prove that the item will help develop them in a positive way then their application will be seriously considered. They will not accept any more applications by January 31st. The item/course will be ready by the end of February. PLEASE make sure you spend quality time filling out your application, and really THINK about what you want, and how it will support you in finding new talents or developing existing talents – We are expecting a lot of applications and we want you to really stand out! 🙂

Please can you ensure that all applications are emailed to James Gossage and Danny Joyce   Jamesg@foyer.net  DannyJ@foyer.net

The application form is attached below; please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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