Walsall College to step up work with Ladder for the Black Country

Its new sales manager Corrie Squire has previously been involved with the Ladder when she worked at Walsall-based Performance Through People at the time of the original launch back in 2014.

“We have supported the Ladder for some time, but it is something we are really pushing on to the agenda since I have moved here, especially considering the current economic climate.

“I have been involved in the Ladder project since its infancy, I have watched it gain momentum over the past five years, growing geographically and stimulating apprenticeship uptake and interest, hence why I remain very much an advocate,” she explained.

She said that the pandemic was likely to disproportionally impact young people and with this in mind apprenticeships were more important than ever to provide long-term pathways to skilled employment in growing industries.

“Despite the challenges we are facing, Walsall College continues to adapt quickly to support both our employers and apprentices,” she added.

“Where possible we have migrated to online platforms, ensuring quality apprenticeship training can continue.

“We remain flexible in the delivery of our recruitment, teaching and training services both face-to-face and by any alternative means where needed.”

“I have moved to the college in the last few weeks and I’m keen to push the campaign with the college. Apprenticeships are vital,” she added.

“The college is keen to work with local employers who are planning apprenticeship programmes to put together a bespoke training package that suits their needs.”

Corrie said the college could also help firms with advice on grants that are available to support apprenticeships.

The college is also a partner of the West Midlands Combined Authority which is working with a lot of small and medium-sized and providing funding to train apprentices.

Half of its apprentices team is made up of sales executives marketing qualifications to employers with the other half recruitment officers working to match learners to employers helping with profiles and supporting in the first six weeks of an apprenticeship.

If the college is unable to provide a particular course it will be working through the Ladder to match them to the right course elsewhere in the Black Country.

The college has more than 4,000 14-19 year olds, 8,000 adults and 2,000 apprentices.

It has six campuses including the main Wisemore Campus, which opened in 2009.

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